Visit our booth at the
Farmer's Market (in front of Palace Pizza)

Saturdays, 8am - 2pm


How can we bring you joy today?
Available Saturdays at Lakeland's Downtown Farmer's Market

Chocolate Dipped Bacon


Dunkable bacon pieces w/ a side of milk or white chocolate

Chocolate Covered Bacon


Crispy bacon bites coated in luscious chocolate

Chocolate Fruit Bowl


Bowl formed from chocolate filled w/ seasonal fruit, garnished w/ sweet fruit dip

Chocolate Covered Fruit


Strawberries, bananas, and raspberries

Coffee Bombs


Cute little balls of chocolate filled w/ delightful coffee flavorings

Catering Options


Not sure what you want? Give us a call.

Special Bits of Joy

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(not available daily)

Berry Chocolate Waffles

Rich and fluffy waffles with seasonal berries & a drizzle of chocolate syrup


White Chocolate Berry Pancakes

Fluffy pancakes filled with white chocolate chips, drizzled w/ white chocolate ganache


"Chicken & Waffles"

A red velvet spin on the traditional waffle cone (that's right) filled with crispy fried chicken & drizzled with warm syrup


Bourbon Bacon Brownies

Bourbon + Bacon + Brownies...
Need I say more


White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Sweet bread pudding engulfed by white chocolate


C C Potato Chips

Ridged chips coated in chocolate


Chocolate Vintage Stirring Spoons

Beautiful silver spoons coated in chocolate, ready to bring a delightful surprise to any cup of hot coffee